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News Letter 4

News Letter 4
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Grants for the Arts: Proposal for Chinese Lion Dance


17TH December 2003



What we would like to do
Set up a Chinese lion dance group that needs 12 artists/musicians.

What we would like to achieve
Maintain and introduce Chinese culture to our members and local population.

How it fits in with your current work
It will promote community cohesion togetherness and bond members together.
The dance group will create interactive participation within our members and local community.

How it will fit in with its future developments
Once the lion dance is learnt, we are able to perform ourselves, instead of hiring others lion dance groups.
It will also be a service to other organisations and we will be able to teach others.

Why it is important to our organisation
A lion dance group is a sign of quality and a mascot to our association.
It is part of Chinese heritage to have such symbol.

The names and experience of artists involved
Peterborough Chinese Association, Chinese lion group will be teaching us.
The group has many years of experience with several individuals as master instructors from Hong Kong.


Plans we have already made
Peterborough Chinese Association is willing to co-operate with us.
Our organisation has been operating unofficially for the past 12 years.
All artists/musicians will be from the community in West Norfolk and Wisbech.
A survey has been conducted to find out whether a Chinese lion dance group is needed or not.

How we will manage and carry out the activity to achieve its aims
Peterborough Chinese Association has organised the time, date and venue for training.
Private transport details to Peterborough will be organised.
A time, date and venue for rehearsal will be organised.
A research has been conducted concerning the procurement of the costumes, movement of lion dance, music and instruments and other materials associated with the group.

Evidence of support from partners and funders
A survey was conducted which showed the members would like a lion dance group to be introduced to the association.
Support was shown from Peterborough and Cambridge Chinese Associations.
Additional support was favourably shown from local councils and constabulary.
Encouragement given from MENTER, West Norfolk CVS and KLARS.

Past experience of successfully managing similar activities
June 2003 – the association organised and took part in a traditional dragon boat race involving 50 people.
July 2003 – the official launch of the inauguration of our association took place, where 250 people attended, including the Major of King’s Lynn, Chief of Police and the leader of the councillors.
September 2003 – the association organised the Chinese Lantern Festival, where 100 plus people attended.
November 2003 – a session of introducing primary care, where 25 people attended.
For the past 10 years, Chinese New Year has been organised where each year 100 plus people attend.
Since 1990, our Chinese School has been operating one day a week successfully.

How we will manage the main stages of the activity and what each stage contains
Volunteers have been identified who are willing to participate in the group.
We will travel to Peterborough to learn the lion dance.
We will rehearse back in King’s Lynn and develop what we have learnt.
When ready, we will perform in such events already mentioned above.
Each booked performance will be organised by a manager regarding location, transport, insurance, beverages, etc.
Rehearsals will continue after the group is set.
Income may benefit which will be invested back in to the group.


Once the lion group is set, we will perform at other organisations’ functions where a fee will be charged.
The financial control will be with the West Norfolk and District Chinese Association steering group, through its treasurer.


The benefit it will bring to our organisation and other people
Maintain and re-introduce Chinese culture.
Promote race awareness.
Bringing other communities together – cohesion with spectators and participants.
Limit isolation.
Our members will become closer as a community and limit isolation as an individual.
It will raise public awareness of diversity within the area.

Details about the people the activity will reach – e.g. audience, people taking part and attending
12 artists/musicians and 300 Chinese people will be affected.
Local martial arts group will be involved.
Spectators will be from all walks of life and of all ages from the region.
By involving the Chinese lion dance, it will bring a better understanding of this part of Chinese culture with its meanings from its music, dance movements, costumes, food and drinks.
We will perform in schools, festival events, streets and other official openings and ceremonies.

How we will reach them
By using posters, advertising, emailing, written invitations and other customer service providers in West Norfolk.

Evidence of demand for the activity
At present, we hire from the Peterborough group costing £500 per session.
A survey showed the members of our association wanted a lion dance group.


To change people’s lives through the opportunity to take part in or experience high quality arts activities
Everybody in the Chinese community will be involved in the preparation and in learning Chinese culture.
Artists, musicians and organisers working together will have bonding effects within the Chinese community.

To increase opportunities for cultural diversity in the arts
By learning Chinese lion dance, which tells stories within its dance and music, this will introduce cultural diversity to the participants and spectators.

To support excellence, new ideas and activities to help build long-term stability in arts organisation
The lion dance will bring a fresh and exciting perspective to the arts.
In Norfolk, this art is limited.

To invest in the creative talent of artists and individuals
To learn the skill of the Chinese lion dance which is handed down from many centuries.
Once learnt, we could develop and pass it on to others.

Looking forwards to hearing from you, and, If I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me on the address and telephone number below.

Kwai Li
(Chairman, West Norfolk & District Chinese Association)

38 Reffley Lane, Kings Lynn, Norfolk PE30 3EQ
李貴Kwai Li: telephone電話: 0797 621 9508

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

EDP24 News

EDP24 News

More information on migrant workers in norfolk!!
Fireworks for sale - The Chinese Firework Company Sheffield, rockets,volcanoes,air-bombs,sparklers,mortars,shellburst

Here's a good site for chinese fireworks.
been to cvs, filling in grant form

Monday, December 15, 2003

Welcome to the West Norfolk and District Chinese Association Blog Site.

The association was founded in July 2003 and based in King's Lynn, Norfolk, UK.

The organisation represents the Chinese community in West Norfolk in the following ways:

Maintain contact with local authorities in relation to services.
To introduce Chinese culture and customs.
To help our community to learn English.
To support the Chinese School.
Organise social events leisure activities.
To promote race and social cohesion between the Chinese community and the resident population.

Contact name: Kwai Li
Telephone Number: 0797 621 9508

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